Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cranberry Chicken and Rice

When I saw this recipe, I thought, "This will be perfect for November!" With the cranberries, rice, and chicken it would be a great comfort food. And it was, almost... It was very easy to assemble. I bought some chicken breast in bulk, and threw two of these together while making something else for dinner one night. The only prep that needed to be done is cooking the rice. Other than that, everything just gets layered on: raw chicken, spices, apple juice, and cranberries.

I froze it in Glad ready-for-oven pans, so after thawing in the fridge for a day, into the oven it went. Not sure what I think of those pans; I'm going to have to use them a few more times before I make up my mind. It took 45 minutes for my chicken to be cooked through, 15 minutes longer than the recipe stated.

In the end, my 3-year-old LOVED it. He couldn't get enough of it. It was a bit too tart for my husband and I. It will definitely be in rotation again, but probably with a few modifications; probably a combination of adding more sugar, apples, or sweet potatoes. After Marlena and Noah ate it, they mentioned adding pineapple or oranges to it as well.

Cranberry Chicken and Rice Rating:
Ease of preparation: 4 only because it took longer to cook than anticipated.
Freezer Friendliness: 5
Overall Taste: 4 with a few modifications I think it will be fabulous
Happy Hubby: 3 it was just too tart for his liking. He ended up giving our son all the cranberries.

Total rating: 16/20 We'll be making this one again, altered just a bit.

Find the recipe here.

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