Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mexican Lasagna

It is not unusual for Colleen's family and my family to share a meal on Sundays.  It usually happens right after church (lunch).  However this past Sunday we had dinner together.  Colleen had already thawed her Mexican lasagna and was planning on serving it for dinner.  Since it was big enough to serve us all - we joined them.  We love to try new recipes out on each other, so it was nothing new to sit down to the table and not be sure if the meal would be a hit or not.  The Mexican lasagna was a hit - with everyone but Colleen's son (who wanted to pick out the "red things").  Both of our husbands really enjoyed it and agreed that it could be made again.  It did take quite a bit longer to cook in the oven than the recipe said.  Colleen baked it for 45 minutes and it probably could have gone for a full hour because the center was still slightly cold.  I was also disappointed with the rice layer.  I think that next time I will make my own brown rice, add salsa and spices, and use that for the rice layer.  Overall, I would say that this recipe will be reappearing on the menu from time to time!

Mexican Lasagna - rating
Ease of preparation: 3
It did take a bit of work to brown the meat and cook the rice.  But for the night of the meal, all that had to be done was to put it into the oven!
Freezer Friendliness: 4
Held up well in the freezer, but did need extra cooking time to get warm.
Overall Taste: 4
The rice layer needs some modifications.  (I used ground turkey instead of beef)
Happy Hubbies: 4 (from both hubbies!)

Total rating: 15/20 - We will be making this one again!

Find the recipe here and enjoy!   

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