Saturday, January 11, 2014

Meal Plan for 1/11/14-1/17/14

When home for Christmas, my sister asked how I manage to cook dinner every night after working fives days a week (she recently switched to a new job with 'normal' hours). I told her meal planning was the key, along with making meals ahead when possible.  So she asked me if I'd share my weekly meal plans...

I meal plan from Saturday through Friday.  Usually hubs and I discuss at breakfast Saturday morning what we'd like to eat in the coming week. Sometimes our 6-year-old will chime in with suggestions, too. Weekend lunches are usually leftovers, sandwiches, or something from the freezer I can throw together.   I try to look at the ads before I plan to get, at the very least, my meat on sale.  And if I saw any good recipes in the blogs I follow throughout the course of the week, those are sure to get added in as well.  Then I head out and do my grocery shopping.

This week was weird to plan for, in that I won't be home for dinner Monday or Wednesday, and with commitments at 6:00 on Tuesday and Thursday that we need to eat quickly for, it's a fast dinner week for us.  Here's what's on tap for this week:

Saturday: homemade chicken pot pie. This one is from an actual recipe book (shocker!).  The sauce mix for this could easily be frozen (once the potatoes are fully cooked, otherwise they turn gray).

Sunday: Parmesan crusted cod   Do not underestimate the yumminess of that topping.

Monday: restaurant- most likely Burger King since I won't be along (I detest that restaurant). 

Tuesday: crock pot cranberry ribs A new recipe for us. I think some sweet potatoes with some of the sauce reduced sound delicious with this.  The sauce for this could easily be mixed and combined with the meat and frozen before cooking.

Wednesday:  leftovers

Thursday: garlicky tomato tortellini soup.  We add some quartered up pepperoni into the mixture (or the mini pepperoni you can buy). 

Friday: pizza gnocchi supreme.  I tried freezing this one before, and I wouldn't recommend it include the gnocchi.  It's essentially a potato pastry, and the texture gets pretty gritty when thawed and baked. 

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