Sunday, January 26, 2014

Meal Plan for 1/25/14 - 1/31/14

Well, at least I know my sister is referring to these posts. She got on me for not having this week's posted yet.  Sorry for anyone else who's stopping by here and didn't see one posted.  Here's what's on tap for us this week:

Saturday: Homemade pizza.  I usually double this recipe for my crust.  Once it's all done rising, I divide it into thirds.  Two get rolled out on cookie sheets (with some flour on the pan so they don't stick) for pizza for us (Hubs gets his own and the kids and I share the other), and the third I make into pizza pockets/calzones for him to take to work. 

Sunday: the wind is howling, and I thought some comfort food sounded good, so we're having Turkey and Wild Rice casserole.  It's our "new to us" recipe for the week. I'm using a rotisserie chicken instead of turkey. 

Monday: I forgot I already had a bag of potatoes in the pantry when I bought another bag, so we're having potato soup for supper. I combine a couple recipes from my parents' church's cookbook so it ends up having some celery and shredded carrot in it along with cheese and ham (trying to put in some good stuff to outweigh the bad stuff).

Tuesday: leftovers. Between the soup and the casserole, there's got to be enough left for the four of us.

Wednesday: Loaded chicken skillet.  See note above about potatoes.  If I have some chicken left from Sunday, I'll use that. If not, I'll get another rotisserie (I love those things). 

Thursday: My son has a pizza party for ju jitsu, so the boys will go to that and the girls will probably head to the golden arches for supper before we go to handbell practice at church.

Friday: On Saturday morning I asked everyone what they wanted to eat this week and Hubs requested tacos.  I put them for Friday night, because by the time I get home from work and the gym, I'm done. He can make this for us :)


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