Monday, March 10, 2014

Meal Plan 3/8-3/14

Life is going faster than I can keep up with it right now.  So many things happening on the work, family, and personal fronts.  And posting here has taken a bit of a back seat, though I have still planned.

Here's what's on tap for this week:

Saturday: We had crock pot Italian Beef sandwiches.  Don't let the weird ingredients on the list fool you. They give the meat such wonderful flavor. Not spicy or too Italian dressing-tasting. It is really yummy!

Sunday: With temps in the 70s today, we're grilling hamburgers on the grill.  I always add a package of dry onion soup mix for each pound of hamburger, and throw in a few shakes or Worcestershire sauce and liquid smoke.

Monday: Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry. I have to double this for our family of four, and substitute frozen stir-fry veggies for the broccoli, and instant brown rice instead of white. Easy weeknight dinner, and I feel good because we're getting our veggies.

Tuesday: Surf and Turf.  The kitchen is going to me in disrepair most of the week, so today we're having steaks on the grill and shrimp.

Wednesday:  Sweet potato chicken sausage grill packs.  This is my own little creation inspired by a stuffed sweet potato recipe I saw.  I dice up some peeled sweet potatoes and granny smith apples, slice up some apple chicken sausages, and throw in some drained and rinsed black beans.  Top it off with some grated smoked gouda or guyere and throw it on the grill.  Delicious and fairly nutritious. 

Thursday:  hoping leftovers... or fast food if there is none. 

Friday: Wine Braised Beef Shepard's Pie... if my kitchen is back in order.  I saw this recipe today before I headed out grocery shopping, and it just so happened that chuck roast was on sale.  I've never been a big fan of Shepard's pie- though I don't think I've actually ever eaten it. I just never understood the point of putting the potatoes on top. Can't I just make the meat and have potatoes on the side? But then I thought of making them in little single-serving bowls, and that sounded cute, so I'm going to try it :)   Plus, I have a co-worker with a baby in the NICU, and I'm trying to make recipes with leftovers to stock their fridge/freezer for awhile.  This one fits the bill for that, too. 

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